The first strength training solution that adapts to you and guarantees 30% superior results in the same amount of time.

The effectiveness of strength training depends on many small, key elements: the correct load, the adequate number of repetitions, the recovery time, the speed of execution of the exercise, the posture, the range of motion. Optimising every single detail and preventing the most common errors is fundamental to making your training effective and achieving better results in less time.  Biostrength, the new Technogym line for strength training, adapts to you, thanks to a patented technology that uses artificial intelligence and scientific research, and ensures you get 30% better results in the same amount of time compared to classic training with equipment or free weights. Biostrength allows you to train with the right load, range of motion, correct posture, speed of execution and even indicates the number of sets, repetitions and optimal recovery times.

The 4 target programmes include:

1.               HYPERTROPY: to develop muscle mass. This programme increases the load in the eccentric phase of the movement, while the muscle fibres lengthen, in a way that is functional for developing mass.

2.               POWER: to train like an athlete. The use of a resistance without inertia allows you to train explosive strength and to express maximum force in complete safety.

3.               STRONG: to increase your strength. The viscous resistance that makes the exercise more intense as the speed of execution increases.

4.               TONE: get more muscle tone with less effort. Elastic resistance and a gradual increase in the workload allow you to improve muscle tone constantly throughout the entire range of movement.

If you already know what to do and want to set up your own programme, with the FREE TRAINING mode you can train quickly and easily, without logging in, simply by adjusting your session and selecting the workload and number of repetitions you want.

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