Don’t miss the reawakening of Al Wasl at Expo City Dubai

Al Wasl will be brought back to life in spectacular style on Saturday, with visitors set
to enjoy a magical and masterful display of stunning visuals and stirring music as the sun sets.
Coinciding with its official launch, Expo City Dubai heralds a new chapter with a revival of Expo 2020 Dubai’s nightly ‘Awakening of Al Wasl’ at 1815 (after evening prayer) – a celebration of the collaborative, creative and optimistic spirit of this innovation-driven city of the future.


The beating heart of Expo 2020, and now Expo City Dubai, Al Wasl’s 360-degree projection surface will immerse visitors in a spellbinding visual theatre, merging awe-inspiring technologies with some of the world’s most creative minds and demonstrating the deep-rooted values and vision of the UAE.
Al Wasl projections will take place five evenings a week from Wednesday to Sunday and are open to all visitors, free of charge.

About Expo City Dubai

Expo City Dubai is the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai, building on its resounding success and retaining 80 per cent of Expo-
built infrastructure
 Expo City Dubai is based on a deep-rooted belief that a broad coalition of people, working together, can propel
human progress to help create a more sustainable and dignified future for all
 A clean, green, innovation-driven, human-centric city of the future, Expo City Dubai is designed as a blueprint for
sustainable urban planning, galvanising action on its journey to net-zero
 Expo City Dubai provides a business ecosystem that embraces technology and digital innovation
 Packed with educational, cultural and entertainment offerings, Expo City Dubai celebrates human innovation,
imagination and ingenuity and inspires future generations
 Building on the success of the World Expo, Expo City Dubai is the go-to destination for globally significant events,

including COP 28, and supports the UAE’s wider diversification and growth aims

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