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Ajman Tourism Excels in the “UAE Hackathon” Challenge



The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) successfully participated in the “UAE Hackathon” challenge held at the Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology for the Emirates of Ajman and Sharjah from March 4 to March 5, under the theme “Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Solutions.”

ADTD’s participation focused on comprehending the needs and preferences of visitors to the emirate through the challenge titled “How can we understand the needs and preferences of visitors to the Emirate of Ajman according to different nationalities to design specialized tourism experiences and diverse tourism products?”

The efforts centered on leveraging available statistical data about visitors to Ajman of various nationalities and age groups to understand preferences and cater to their needs. Emphasizing the importance of involving students and community members, the department aimed to provide innovative solutions and tackle challenges. ADTD’s mission is to empower all segments of society, particularly students and youth, to contribute innovative solutions and overcome challenges in the tourism sector

Challenges included understanding visitors’ behaviors, interests, and budgets in regular and real-time scenarios, emphasizing quick data analysis to comprehend trends and design customized tourism experiences. A plan was developed to gather continuous insights through visitor surveys, delving into the details of their tourism preferences and experiences

The department underscored the significance of designing digital government services based on a deep understanding of user needs, aiming to enhance the visitor experience through service re-engineering and appropriate policy design

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Analysis indicated that this participation will positively impact visitors to Ajman, encouraging establishments in the hospitality and travel sector to enhance services and inspiring entrepreneurs to design innovative tourism experiences catering to diverse visitor needs

In parallel, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development focused on improving digital government services in the UAE Hackathon Challenge, aiming to enhance citizen and visitor interaction with government services, ensuring accessibility and efficiency. This aligns with Ajman Tourism Development Department’s strategy to elevate the tourism sector, making Ajman an appealing destination for visitors of all nationalities and ages

Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of The Ajman Department of Tourism Development, expressed hope that the UAE Hackathon participation would be a milestone in enhancing Ajman’s attractiveness as a distinguished tourist destination. The department aims to design unique tourism experiences aligned with visitors’ expectations and needs, demonstrating its commitment to improving the tourism sector and enhancing the visitor experience in Ajman

Alhashmi emphasized the importance of sustainable steps responding to changing visitor needs, reflecting the department’s vision to achieve excellence in hospitality and visitor experiences. This, in turn, enhances Ajman’s global tourism position and encourages increased demand and repeat visits

The initiative combines numerical data, statistics, and constructive dialogue with the public to foster effective interaction between the government and society, achieving improvements in tourism services

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This effort aligns with Ajman Tourism Development Department’s goal to maintain its position as a diverse and sustainable tourist destination, fostering positive developments in the tourism sector, increasing visitation, and providing unique experiences in Ajman

The UAE Hackathon aims to stimulate creative thinking and offer effective solutions to challenges faced by government agencies in tourism and hospitality services. The resulting document will propose challenges for government agencies to address within the UAE Hackathon 2024 challenge list

This participation follows the continuous successes of Ajman’s tourism sector, marked by a 10% increase in visitors and a 7% rise in the occupancy rate during 2023, reflecting ongoing efforts to enhance the visitor experience

Documents and results related to the challenge will be published and shared on the UAE Hackathon website to promote interaction and transparency with participants and the public

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