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Ajman Tourism Launches Inspection and Control Campaign for Holiday Homes



The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) has initiated a thorough inspection and control campaign targeting Holiday Homes in the emirate. This effort aims to ensure adherence to specific regulations and legislation, thereby enhancing the quality and standards of tourism in Ajman. The campaign focuses on real estate owners and hotel management establishments operating within the Holiday Homes sector.

The primary objectives of this campaign include promoting compliance with licensing and operational regulations for Holiday Homes, ensuring proper registration of real estate units in the designated electronic system, and maintaining high-quality service standards. Additionally, the campaign aims to strengthen partnerships with the private sector and local community, facilitating adherence to standards and contributing to a sustainable and integrated tourism environment.

Mr. Sultan Ali AlNuaimi, Director of the Licensing & Tourism Standard Department at ADTD, emphasized the critical importance of this campaign in building customer and visitor confidence. He highlighted that the campaign underscores the department’s dedication to upholding the highest quality standards, encouraging real estate owners and hotel management companies to adhere to legislation through proactive measures designed to ensure an exceptional tourist experience.

Al Nuaimi also noted the vital role of the private sector in achieving the department’s goals of creating new investment opportunities and offering diverse options for visitors. He pointed out that collaboration between the department and the private sector is crucial in developing a sustainable and attractive tourism environment, thereby reinforcing Ajman’s status as a premier tourist destination in the region.

This campaign is part of ADTD’s broader strategy to bolster the tourism sector and attract more tourists to Ajman by providing a safe and integrated tourism environment.

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Recently, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development launched an intensive awareness campaign targeting the Holiday Homes sector, aiming to educate tourism sector investors about the requirements and procedures for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate in this emerging market in Ajman.

For more information on Holiday Homes services, please visit the ADTD electronic services system at

For more information or other inquiries, please contact:

Tel: 067116666


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