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Elluna Organic Beauty: Your Portal to Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty



The way of the world today and the direction in which it follows when it comes to skincare and beauty is the organic and natural route. Organic beauty products are a result of a specific way of farming that works with nature, delivering many benefits for wildlife, human beings, and the natural world. Certified organic farmers and businesses work to a strict set of standards, to ensure that their ingredients and products sustain the health of wildlife, animals, soils, and people. A brand that shares this ethos passionately and cares for the wellbeing of mankind and earth alike is Elluna Organic Beauty.


With health and wellbeing at the forefront of most consumers’ minds, companies have had to become more conscious, making ethical decisions when it comes to the running of their businesses. Although this is the case in other parts of the world, the UAE is now very much at the forefront of the organic beauty movement, with Elluna Organic Beauty ready to take centre stage. The online beauty and lifestyle platform offers a dedicated space that features curated, organic, and vegan-friendly items for people who appreciate the most authentic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious skincare, clothing, and cosmetics.

Their goal as a business is to better inform people in the Middle East about the impact of their choices and to be able to create a loyal community by introducing the market to clean beauty goods with quality, natural ingredients.

“I began my journey in 2011 in the hairdressing business and continued to grow my career into the sustainable beauty industry. Elluna Organic Beauty is a natural extension of what I am passionate about in life. My aim with Elluna Organic Beauty is to extend a helping hand to fellow women who are passionate about natural beauty. My world has now become about ingredients, new research, old traditions, herbal secrets, and the exploring of better ways for myself and women like me,” said Ella Doskocilova, Founder of Elluna Organic Beauty.

As one of the leaders in the ‘World of Clean Beauty’ movement, Elluna Organic Beauty currently showcases a carefully curated assortment of products across all skincare, haircare and clothing categories from brands including Kevin Murphy, Daphna, Yage Organics, Amazinc!, Lovjoi and many more.

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Currently, Elluna Organic Beauty ships to consumers in UAE and Saudi Arabia, with plans to expand operations to the rest of the GCC region by 2023?

For more information on Elluna Organic Beauty and to keep up with the latest launches, visit and @ellunaorganicbeauty on Instagram.

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