• International buyers participated in an industry panel discussion as part of the Arab Fashion Council’s buyers’ program in strategic partnership with Dubai Design District.
  • Dubai Fashion Week penultimate day featured the collections of DFW members part of the designers’ committee, Dima Ayad, Lama Jouni, and Mrs.Keepa.
  • La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode – supported designer Pressiat gave an elegantly casual collection of diverse pieces
  • Dubai Fashion Week members, international and regional buyers, and key opinion leaders in the Fashion industry enjoyed an intimate dinner at Caviar Kaspia in celebration of the 1st edition of DFW
Image courtesy of Dima Ayad

The designer took us into a world of vibrant hues with this fashion collection, where every piece has been meticulously crafted with precision to embody uniqueness and inclusivity. The designer’s affinity for all things metallic is prominent throughout the collection, featuring a textured gold dress with gladiator vibes, metallic collars on thobe-like dresses, and electrifying pops of blue in gradient shades. The carefully curated color palette and fabric choices perfectly complement each other and the female temple. In addition to metallic accents, the collection features trendy details such as scrunches, patterns, and defined fringes, adding an extra layer of texture and dimension to each piece.

Image courtesy of House of Dima Ayad

La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode – supported designer Pressiat unveiled his collection inspired by his belief that a woman is more alluring in clothes she is confident wearing. Vincent Garnier, the designer of Pressiat gave us pencil skirts with corset lacing burrowed from the burlesque codes along with the iconic trench in Vinyl, bar jackets, and twin set cardigans with punk bravery. Contrary to common belief, Pressiat sees joy in black, which was dominant, especially through the light-reflecting fabric, velvet, tulle, silk, and bold latex. Halter neck tops with flowing necktie detail swayed on his models. Garnier shared his environmentally conscious pieces from upcycled vinyl filled with black and white dead stock feathers. He continued his creative journey with headscarves and retro-style motoring helmets with silk lavalier worn under the chin or to the back accompanied with attires of mini or sweeping floor-length skirts, tailored suits, and trousers.

Image Courtesy of Pressiat
Image Courtesy of Pressiat
Keeping the prominent cut-out details and figure-hugging fabric along with the signature Lama Jouni blazer, this collection featured new styles of AW23/24 along with some of the brand’s core pieces. Predominant maxi shimmery thigh slit dresses expose just the right amount of skin, adding a touch of sensuality to the piece. The fabric adds an extra layer of glamour and sophistication that complements the sleek and sultry silhouette. This season’s collection was all about boldness and glamour. Nothing captured that essence like the predominantly black color palette, with occasional pops of white and pink, creating a striking contrast against the figure-defining textiles.
Image Courtesy of Lama Jouni
Image Courtesy of Lama Jouni

Mrs. Keepa launched her AW23 collection titled “Life is a Game” with a digital presentation at Dubai Fashion Week. The collection drew inspiration from GenZ, a generation known for their authentic self-expression, and featured avant-garde and modern designs. Remarkably, the collection incorporated denim for the first time, with an emphasis on upcycling and recycling to align with the brand’s sustainability values. The digital showcase underlined the brand’s progressive and innovative approach to fashion.

Image courtesy of Mrs. Keepa
Image courtesy of Mrs. Keepa
A panel discussion took place at d3 between international and regional buyers, DFW designers, and Media. Among the panelists were DanNY StIenen from Antonioli, Raphael Deray from Printemps, Caterina Ercoli from Level Shoes, Georgina Gainza from Al Tayer Group, and Martina Solino from Tyrano & Saks. Sujata Assomull, a contributor to Vogue Business, Khaleej Times, and other publications, moderated the discussion. The event included a Designer’s Portfolio review, which followed the panel discussion and gave space for Q&A between attendees and panel members and the chance to hold one-on-one discussions between designers and the attending buyers.

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