• Dubai Fashion Week opened on day four with Dubai-based designer BLSSD “NOT” contemporary-styled collection.
  • Francesca Liberatore, a member of Milan Fashion Week, displayed her AW23/24 floral silky collection.
  • Hussein Bazaza, the DFW member of the designers’ committee, hosted a fashion presentation followed by an exclusive party.
  • Level Shoes launched new in-store personal shopping services at an exclusive event showcasing “Where Fashion Meets Design” through Made-to-Order products.
Image courtesy of Francesca Liberatore
BLSSD presented its collection “NOT” today. The collection’s concept is shaped around the thought-provoking question, ‘What are you not?’. The label featured unexpected combinations of fabrics such as vegan leather, denim, taffeta, and mesh to express the brand’s street-luxe credentials. BLSSD’s signature monochromatic palette was infused with pastel lavender and mint pops of color, introducing a soft, feminine strand to the collection. It oscillates between bold, attitudinal streetwear and a refined, contemporary urban style. The brand’s signature soft and transparent tulle skirts have been retranslated to feature bold street-style graphics, adding a fresh dimension to their aesthetic. Moreover, we saw BLSSD’s experimental approach by introducing a unique stenciled fringe technique that is kinetic and versatile, featuring a range of silhouettes and textile pairings.
Image courtesy of House of BLSSD

Ivodia London showcased her 4th collection at Dubai Fashion Week while remaining faithful to her signature aesthetic. She flaunted a detailed embroidered array of items, ranging from jackets to trimmed cutout dresses and classic long-sleeved dresses made with sleek fabrics and shining crystals. The sheer fabrics contrasted with intricately embroidered skirts in black, beige, white, and gold. The articles, which included corsets, evening dresses, and satin fabrics, showcased the clear feminine quality of the designs.

Image Courtesy of Ivodia London
Dubai-based brand injects flair into this year’s collection. The pieces did not shy away from creating designs in indulgent chiffons and sleek satins, pleather, and denim and mixing unexpected materials using different design techniques while maintaining LILO’s own identity. The artistic piping was, as always, an integral part of the brand’s original vision, used to form exaggerated structures and playful shapes, as well as establish large and elaborate braids during the design process, never without luminous colors that brighten the runway and underlines the metallic futuristic yet playful and feminine combination.
Image Courtesy of Lilo
The Milan Fashion Week designer showcased her latest collection for the third time in a row at Dubai Fashion Week. The assortment featured brightly colored and floral silk shirts tightened at the waist by leather belts, a must-have accessory for the next season. The soft, flowing fabrics in a range of earthy tones and bright colors made their way down the runway with intricate detailing. The focus on layering and asymmetry merged elements of contemporary and classic styles. Patterns on patterns were presented along with loud accessories, giving an opulent and cohesive range suitable for a variety of occasions
Image courtesy of Francesca Liberatore
Despite using only three dominant colors in the collection, the designer managed to provide us with a range of variety and multiple personas on the runway. Oversized puffer jackets and pants with exaggerated hanging pockets, along with cutout shimmery black dresses, redefined boldness, and simplicity. Bringing polarizing conflicting energies together yet creating synergy in every aspect that was carefully tailored with great attention to detail. Slimi Studio managed to give us a fresh metallic look with pose and charming energy.
Image courtesy of Slimi Studio
At an intimate social gathering, the designer revealed ten looks inspired by elements of nature from his upcoming FW23/24 collection. The pieces symbolized mother earth from water streams, blooming florals, and the fiery sun. Each article was delicately fabricated from entirely handmade materials, including silk taffeta, wool, raffia, and sparkling sequins. The combination of color and texture loudly conveyed the designer’s revelation for the collection.
Image courtesy of Bazaza
LEVEL SHOES By Appointment
Last night, Level Shoes collaborated with Gallery COLLECTIONAL to celebrate the launch of By Appointment: Where Fashion Meets Design. This marks the second occasion the homegrown brand has collaborated with Gallery COLLECTIONAL, whose designs bring the idea of intimate luxury spaces to life for Level Shoes.
As part of the Dubai Mall store, the personal shopping suite provides a serene setting for clients to get further style advice and offers a chic space to allow brands to host clients and events, bringing them even closer to their clients’ needs. Part of the inaugural Dubai Fashion Week calendar, the fashion-meets-design event showcased made-to-order products from coveted brands, set in the backdrop of the Gallery COLLECTIONAL’s curated designs.

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