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Mediawan Rights is proud to announce the acquisition of international distribution rights for the drama series Kabul, produced by 24 25 Films (Mediawan) and Cinétévé, in collaboration with the European Alliance. This acquisition reinforces Mediawan Rights’ commitment to offering content with powerful and captivating stories.
Kabul is a fascinating series that revisits the tumultuous events of August 15, 2021, during the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The series explores the chaotic evacuation of various characters, from diplomats to soldiers to civilians, who desperately seek refuge and solidarity in a country in crisis, with the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul.

By authentically and deeply exploring a recent event that has marked our history, the series embraces the codes of docu-fiction and promises an immersive experience for viewers. Through an intense and deep narrative, Kabul aims to shed light on this geopolitical crisis.

Filming for this new European co-production began on April 1st and will continue until July 5. Primarily shot at the disused Hellenikon Airport, near Athens, Kabul promises a dive into a country in crisis, with an international cast* who will bring complex and multidimensional characters to life.

By narrating this major episode of our recent worldwide history, 24 25 Films, the successful multi genre cinema producer in France and internationally (Black Box by Yann Gozlan, A Perfect Man by the same director, Promises by Thomas Kruithof, Cash by Jérémie Rozan), which has been part of the Mediawan group since July 2023, is now expanding its lineup to include high-quality series alongside its acclaimed cinematic productions. Kabul benefits from its expertise and know-how in the creation and production of a major premium project aimed at the international market.

The series is distributed worldwide by Mediawan Rights with the participation of Entourage.

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Valérie Vleeschhouwer, CEO of Mediawan Rights: “‘Kabul’ is an ambitious series in both its narrative and cinematic approach. This acquisition reflects our ongoing commitment to offering top-notch, daring productions worldwide. With the backdrop of the 2021 Kabul evacuation setting the stage for this compelling series, we are confident it will captivate a large international audience.

On August 15, 2021, Fabienne Servan Schreiber, President of Cinétévé, became involved in the rescue efforts of multiple families of Afghan artists who had exhibited in France two years earlier, and whose lives were suddenly in absolute danger. From France, she actively participated in efforts to evacuate these families, working directly with top officials in France and several other countries to find solutions.

Obscurantism was rushing into Kabul prematurely… Those who wanted to act were reduced to an unbearable impotence.

From this observation grew the desire to bear witness, through fiction, of this singular episode and how Kabul found itself, in those two weeks of August 2021, the focal point of the world and the scene of a predestined failure and decline…

Creating this series appeared to us as a matter of urgency. But not just any series: an ensemble series, a show that would follow the journey of a dozen or so characters faced with a variety of choices and dilemmas.

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An eminently European series that would present various protagonists’ visions of the events that marked Afghanistan and the whole world during this period.

Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, Charlotte Ortiz – Cinétévé’s producers

Matthias Weber, Thibault Gast – 24 25 Films’ producers

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