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OSN+ Launches New Entry-level Plan for Customers in Lebanon



OSN+, the region’s leading streaming service for premium entertainment, is introducing an entry level subscription plan Lebanon alongside an existing Premium Plan, enhancing its available offerings and providing flexible options for its customers.

OSN+ will begin offering subscribers in Lebanon more flexibility with an affordable package option, giving users further options to choose between a ‘Standard Plan’ and ‘Premium Plan’, in an aim to bring greater choice to customers in terms of pricing and commitment.

While both plans will continue to offer the platform’s enhanced features and premium content, such as the number of profiles generated and access to all content from multiple devices, the ‘Standard Plan’ will be limited to one device at a time and will also feature a reduced price and Standard Definition (SD) quality for slower internet connections.

“The future of the entertainment industry in the MENA region will be shaped by providers who offer value and choice at every turn,” said Ryan Restell, Commercial & Finance Director at OSN+. “Our commitment to continuously optimizing the user experience and creating groundbreaking partnerships demonstrates our customer-centric focus on delivering convenience and flexibility for all.”

Furthermore, OSN+ has partnered with Digital Payment Providers to unlock multiple payment gateways for its customers and create a better customer experience including access to Apple Pay with more to be added in 2023.

OSN+ has continuously taken major steps to build better experiences for its customers, with a refreshed identity and exclusive content offerings, putting its customers at the forefront of its business.

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