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‘Parasite’ actress Cho Yeo-jeong and ‘TAROT’ Invited to Cannes International Series Festival



– “TAROT”, produced by LG Uplus STUDIO X+U Invited as the First Official Invitation of Korean Series to the Cannes International Series Festival Short Film Competition Section

–  Actress Cho Yeo-jeong Continues Her Cannes Journey: From the Cannes Film Festival to the Cannes International Series Festival

– “TAROT”, Acclaimed for Its Artistry Even Before Its Release, Premieres Exclusively at the Cannes International Series Festival with ‘Santa’s Visit


Horror mystery series “TAROT”, produced by LG Uplus STUDIO X+U has been officially invited to the short film competition section of the Cannes International Series Festival

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“TAROT” is a cruel fate mystery series where individuals become trapped in the curse of a distorted Tarot card due to a split-second decision

The Cannes International Series Festival (referred to as “Cannes Series”) announced on the 12th that “TAROT” has been officially invited to the short film competition section. The Cannes Series, which will take place in Cannes, France from April 5th to 10th, is a festival that celebrates worldwide drama and series content and is now in its 7th year

The significance of “TAROT” lies in being the only K-content to compete in this year’s Cannes Series. Even before its official release, it has garnered recognition through its invitation to the Cannes Series, showcasing its artistic quality and completeness. Moreover, “TAROT” achieving entry into the short film competition section of the Cannes Series is a remarkable achievement as the first Korean work to do so

The series “TAROT” unfolds a gruesome horror mystery, where people living their everyday lives suddenly encounter the ominous fate predicted by Tarot cards. Comprising seven episodes, each with its unique charm, “TAROT” adopts an omnibus format. Among the seven stories, “Santa’s Visit,” starring Cho Yeo-jeong, has made it to the short film competition section.

In “Santa’s Visit,” working mom Ji-woo (played by Cho Yeo-jeong) faces a strange and eerie Christmas mystery involving her daughter, who is left alone at home. Cho Yeo-jeong, who previously attended the Cannes Film Festival with the movie “Parasite,” now adds the honor of being invited to the Cannes Series through “Santa’s Visit.” Her performance is highly anticipated as she delivers extreme thrills and mystery in this work

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STUDIO X+U, a telecommunications company venturing into media content, has solidified its position as a leading producer of mid-form content. Their lineup includes successful dramas like “High Cookie” and “Night has come” as well as upcoming works like “Man in Europe” and “Branding in Seongsu”. The film company Woosang and Studio Changchang, known for their outstanding genre works in movies like “Strangers From Hell”, “Dark Hole” are co-producing “TAROT.” Additionally, director Choi Byung-gil acclaimed for his detailed and sensuous storytelling in dramas like “East of Eden”, “Missing Nine”, and “High Class,” and writer Kyung min-seon has joined forces with to create this captivating work that is generating significant interest

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