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منوعات Urges Consideration of Term Insurance as a Necessity for Family Security


on, UAE’s leading insurance aggregator, has highlighted a concerning trend: despite an uptick in the uptake of term insurance plans, many residents are still overlooking the critical importance of safeguarding their families in the face of unexpected events such as death or serious illness.

Based on data and statistics gathered by, a staggering 68% of participants have yet to invest in any form of life insurance. Furthermore, awareness about term insurance remains notably low compared to other insurance options. Additionally, 45% of respondents have yet to initiate any form of retirement savings, and a significant 57% are still deliberating over purchasing a plan to secure their family’s future. These findings are drawn from comprehensive insights gathered through an analysis of traffic patterns on’s platform and engagements with their expert team on life insurance products.

Through thought-provoking storytelling, has released a compelling short digital film as a reminder of life’s uncertainties and urging viewers to safeguard the future of their loved ones. Titled “Their World Begins with You,” the video underscores the irreplaceable role parents play in their children’s lives and the imperative need to secure their future – prompting viewers to pause and reflect on the legacy they leave behind and the steps necessary to protect their loved ones in times of adversity.

“While contemplating the harsh reality of mortality may seem morbid, it’s a truth that demands acknowledgement.’s message in this short film resonates as a gentle reminder to prioritise the small world within their homes and take proactive steps to ensure its stability and security,” according to Neeraj Gupta, CEO, “Term insurance will never be the replacement for a parent but it will make sure that even after a parent is gone, it provides a blanket of financial security – it should not be seen as a lifestyle expense, but rather a basic necessity,” added Gupta.’s film sensitively highlights the significance of term insurance as a means to ensure that even in the absence of a parent, the financial security of their loved ones remains intact. Their world begins…and ends with you,” film encapsulates the sentiment of children who find solace, security, and joy in the presence of their parents.

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