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THE SEVEN, Japan’s production house behind global hit Netflix series, opens a state-of-the-art sound stage



Within the approximately 80,000 square meters of Midoriyama Studio owned by TBS Holdings, THE SEVEN has completed the dedicated ‘M6 Studio,’ in addition to the existing television production studios. This new studio, with a total construction cost of 20 billion yen, is now ready for use.

The ‘M6 Studio’ boasts one of Japan’s largest studio areas, covering approximately 1,000 square meters with a height of 10 meters, allowing indoor shooting with large-scale sets. Additionally, it is equipped with a *Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) room, enabling the immediate confirmation of recorded video data. We have also established a high-speed communication infrastructure suitable for the swift transmission of large data. This setup provides an optimal environment for both shooting content intended for global streaming platforms that demand high-end video quality and the subsequent post-production processes

Furthermore, there is an expansive open space adjacent to the studio, covering approximately 66,000 square meters, which can be utilized for various purposes. This space allows for the construction of large-scale sets, similar to those used in “SASUKE / Ninja Warrior”, enabling nighttime shooting in conjunction with the M6 Studio. This flexibility adds to the appeal of the facilities

As Japan faces a chronic shortage of studios, THE SEVEN has secured creative flexibility and production certainty with this state-of-the-art studio. Currently, we have received multiple offers for collaborations and co-productions from overseas, and we are gearing up to accommodate the increasing number of projects in the future

At the M6 Studio, THE SEVEN will commence set shooting for the highly successful Netflix series Alice in Borderland Season 3 (currently in production)

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*Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) :DIT is the profession that handles data handling from the shooting to editing of digital images. Involved from pre-shooting, the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) manages cameras, ensures monitor setups, performs color correction following the workflow at the shooting location, and facilitates image sharing. Collaborating with various sections in production, they oversee the quality check of captured footage. After shooting, they back up the media and deliver it to the post-production for the finalization process


Tatsuo Sugai, President of THE SEVEN, Inc

The long-awaited dedicated studio for THE SEVEN has been completed. Producers behind globally acclaimed hits have gathered, and preparations for producing high-quality content are underway. Please look forward to the future of THE SEVEN

Akira Morii, Chief Content Officer of THE SEVEN, Inc 

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Having received global reactions to our previously released titles, we have learned that the diligence and meticulousness to Japanese content creation transcends international borders. In the state-of-the-art M6 Studio equipped with high-end specifications, we will be producing numerous content to be presented to the world. Leveraging the production capabilities and infrastructure of THE SEVEN, we aim to impress fans worldwide with the high-quality production by Japanese directors, staff, and cast members

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