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Wego Announces the Most Popular Summer Destinations for GCC Travelers



 Wego, the number 1 travel app and the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has revealed the most preferred summer destinations for GCC travelers.

GCC travelers will soon enter a lengthy holiday season with the upcoming Eid al Adha followed by the summer break.

Some travelers may have started their travel planning around this time, with several weeks to go. Based on Wego’s data from last year’s summer holiday season, up to 18% of MENA travelers made their bookings on Wego as early as one to two months ahead of travel date. 22% of travelers, however, opted to wait until about a week ahead.

With searches for Eid Adha and summer trips climbing up daily, Wego has zoomed in on a list of most in-demand international destinations so far for MENA travelers: Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Kuwait, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, and Jordan.

Additionally, Wego has observed a jump in summer airfares to almost all these destinations compared to the same period early this year. Average flight prices are now 42.72% more expensive for flights to Egypt, up 64.08% to Jordan, and up 32.10% to India.

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However, compared to last year’s summer, average flight prices on Wego for the time being are still cheaper. The YoY drop in average airfares to Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UAE, for example, range from 18.36% to 27.63%.

Mamoun Hmedan, Chief Business Officer, Wego, commented: “This list of popular destinations indicates a mix of homecoming trips and vacations for citizens as well as the huge community of expats. Most of these countries are also notably visa-free for nationals of GCC countries. With airfares rising during the summer period, it is important to plan and book trips as early as possible to get the best deals.”

Meanwhile, the UK, Germany, and Italy top Wego’s list for European summer destinations for MENA travelers. The UK’s enduring popularity, especially, may be attributed to the new ETA system that allows GCC citizens to travel to the UK hassle-free.

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